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Monday, April 21st, 2014
CAMBr - Chicago Area Mountain Bikers
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We are a group of riders that step up for our sport. We promote trail advocacy, sustainable trail development, and responsible cycling...all for the sake of a better ride.

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The trails you love to ride and the jumps you live to huck,
are built and maintained by volunteers, riders just like you.

The hours are (kind of) short and the pay is low (ok, no pay), but the work is fun
and you do get a free lunch and a chance to ride with the people you just met, after lunch.
All you need is a pair of boots, long pants, gloves and water, CAMBr supplies the rest.

Check out the Calendar to see everything happening this month.

Andres Bike Park: Wednesday April 23rd
the garden: Sunday April 27th
Palos - Triangle: Sunday May 4th
Raceway Woods: Sunday May 4th
Latest CAMBr News
Bell Built Grant 2014
by konadave - April 02, 2014, 10:11:21 PM

CAMBrís goal for this park is to create a comprehensive riding experience for entry level and advanced riders. The first mile of singletrack/perimeter trail has already been completed, four slopestyle lines were built, and more than half of the skills area obstacles have been constructed. In addition to construction of the various trails and features at Andres Park, CAMBr has focused on cleaning up the park after many years of disrepair. This has included the removal of vast amounts of trash and waste.

The Bell Built grant would be a HUGE boost to getting this park into world class shape. Do your part to help the community and Chicago mountain biking by voting at THANKS!!

Ride Dirt Not Mud
by Red Snail Racing - May 03, 2013, 09:42:05 AM
CAMBr Made the Bell Grant Finals!
by Red Snail Racing - March 06, 2014, 11:55:30 AM
Bell Built Grant for Andres Park

Just want to keep you updated on the $33,000 Bell Built Grant competition for Andres Park.
Andres Park was selected as one of only 3 eligible sites in the central United States.  But here comes the part where we need your help.  The winner is chosen by the number of public votes it receives, so on April 21st we will need all of you to get your vote on and get all your friends and family (even enemies, if ya got a bunch of those) to do the same.

We will be sending out more details when it is time to vote, but get ready, because we are going big.
The countdown has begun on
New Bike Park Coming to Chicago
by Red Snail Racing - February 21, 2014, 12:55:17 PM
Big Marsh Bike Park Project
Last year Stan Day, President of SRAM, proposed to the City of Chicago the idea of a world class bike park. Chicago was very interested and a discovery trip to Valmont was taken.  
CAMBr leadership has been keep apprised of the progress of the park and was asked to keep it quiet until it a location and plan was put in place.

Today IMBA announced the Big Marsh Bike Park Project.  It is still in the very early phases of planning, but here is the introduction from IMBA.
USAC Trail Tune-up Grant
by Red Snail Racing - January 22, 2014, 09:37:09 PM
CAMBr has won a grant from USA Cycling for $2,000 and a visit from the IMBA Trail Crew
in 2014.  This grant is for "Projects that create or improve trails used for mountain bike racing..."
We will be using the funds at Palos to create a trail that runs from the bottom
of Gravity Cavity to Out-and-Back.  This will allow us options for the Meltdown and
allow for Gravity Cavity to be a one way trail, down hill of course.
Being a IMBA Chapter made this grant possible.
Trail Etiquette
by undercover - July 29, 2013, 03:50:03 PM
Please, let's all keep in mind our trail systems are not a MTB only trail systems. They are multi-use trail systems.  
Which means there are hikers, equestrians and runners just to name a few, sharing the same trails.

Fast moving users can startle others,
especially when approaching from behind. Always ride under
control, anticipate users around blind corners, and be exceedingly
friendly and communicative.

What is your responsibility?
Mountain bikers yield to hikers, horses and uphill traffic.

Passing Hikers
1. Greet hikers early.
2. Slow down to about the same speed as the hiker.
3. Pass slowly and be prepared to stop if necessary.
4. Expect the unexpected. Humans and animals can be
unpredictable or easily spooked by cyclists.

Passing Cyclists
1. Announce your intention to pass with a friendly ďLet me know
when itís safe to pass.Ē
2. Use the singletrack yield on narrow trail Ė stop to the side, put
one foot down, and lean away from the trail.

Passing Horses
1. Stop at least 30 feet from the horse.
2. Greet the equestrian and the horse to demonstrate that you are a
human, and not a predator.
3. Ask for instruction on how to pass safely. Offer to get off your bike.
4. Pass slowly and steadily, but only after the equestrian gives you
the go-ahead. Sudden movements can spook a horse.

Wanted to pass on this awesome trifold the Bolder club put together.
You Can Help at a Palos Work Day... Without Doing Trail Work!!!
by Mwandrusz - April 26, 2012, 10:34:55 AM

Despite the early riding season, warm weather, fantastic trail conditions, and new trail possibilities at all the CAMBr Trail Systems

Trail workday attendance is DOWN.

DID YOU KNOW??? That physical work with tools, shovels, etc. is NOT the only way to help out at work days?
Here are some ways you can help that donít require getting dirty, buggy, or sweaty:

We need help with food, P.R., sponsorship, etc. COME HELP EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE DIRT!

To learn more, click on the link:
Forum Etiquette and Expectations
by Red Snail Racing - October 10, 2010, 10:44:59 PM
To the Community that uses the CAMBr Forum,

Do you realize how active the CAMBr website is?  Through September 2010 the CAMBr website has generated 28,000 visitors, who looked at 435,000 pages per month. That means almost 4,000,000 page views so far this year. Those are some pretty impressive numbers and I want to thank you all for visiting our site and I hope your visit has offered you value, a sense of community and a better understand of our mission and events.

With a community this large and many new users, I would like to explain our Web Guidelines and Polices.
Please click the link below for an outline.

Ride safe,
Jerry Stoeckigt
Executive Director
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