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Title: Looking for my first MTB
Post by: xcortrail on May 14, 2017, 05:26:06 PM
I have narrowed my choices into
Diamondback Release 2
Giant Trance 2
Giant Anthem 2

Skill wise I'm a noob but I figured I want a mountain bike that I could use and upgrade for 5 years without worrying to buy a new one. So I'm looking for some budget FULL Suspension. I live around Palos but would likely to explore other Trails all over US.

I'm torn between an XC like anthem and a Trail bike like Trance and Release 2. I'd like to have a dropper post and quality parts in it for the price. As a newcomer to the sport, I'm having hard time to distinguish each parts.

Title: Re: Looking for my first MTB
Post by: Yes, have some. on May 15, 2017, 03:43:51 PM
If you're going with the Diamondback, try this:

I used this method to get my Release 3 for $2300 (corporate code + sale price), which usually sells for $3900.  The only downside is getting the right size and assembling the bike since it's being shipped vs buying from a shop.  Assembly was incredibly easy though (installing the dropper post, attaching the handlebars, installing the front wheel and pedals, etc.). 

Since you're looking at the Release 2, with the discount it might be worth bumping up to the 3 to get the upgraded drivetrain and suspension. 

I can't speak to the two Giants you're looking at, but I'm loving the Release 3.  It was my first major mountain bike purchase/upgrade since first getting into riding 15 years ago.  I've taken it to Saw Wee Kee a few times now (just got the bike a month ago), and it is a beast on the trails.  It doesn't climb nearly as well as the hard tails I've ridden, but it excels at every other aspect of trail riding.  And like others have said about dropper posts, once you ride with a dropper, you'll wonder how you've ever lived without one.  By far one of my favorite features on the bike.

Hope that helps!

Title: Re: Looking for my first MTB
Post by: Jewalicious on May 17, 2017, 11:04:12 AM
Pretty impressive that you are willing to cough up more than $2K for the first MTB, so I think you have a decent starter list !!  REI would be a Giant retailer.    ALL of them are more than I invested on my most recent FS....perhaps you wont have to add so many after-mods during the 5 year expected ownership as I did spending $1500.  Do consider a used bike as it could be a decent find.   Get something soon and get riding!
AL frame vs Carbon gets you low cost and less worry- FS's have 2 parts so if something cracks in 5 years, you dont have to replace the whole frame, just the busted   1/2.     I think a "boosted" frame puts you into the future. (wider hubs, stronger axles).
a 140 or 150 mm travel front shock from RS or FOX are both stout...FOX34 preferred over 32 usually.  RS Pike is pretty stout.
Drivetrain, think simplicity - do you need a front derail or just 1 with 10 or 11 in back??, less crap by your left hands and right ankle...also future capable.  SRAM GX or SHIM XT should be the minimum baseline u look for.   less costly gets better each year.  More costly gets you even better.
Wheels - most critical usually.   light + strong never = cheap.  Hydraulic brakes will give you modulation you dont get from a cable actuated discs. 
Dropper post is necessary on a trail or enduro...not necessary on XC so much, I dont use one - many people do and love them.

Title: Re: Looking for my first MTB
Post by: REIGN3 on May 20, 2017, 11:53:29 AM
 x:-/ Just as suggestion, go to a bike store that has the models you are interested in and test ride them.
EX: I thought I was bent on purchasing a Giant and then I test road the Trek Superfly and the Giant and fell in love with the Trek. Whatever feels good for you is what is important. You'll get much more enjoyment out of the experience. :drool:

Title: Re: Looking for my first MTB
Post by: ritytity on July 16, 2017, 03:11:30 PM
Just buy a Pivot. Last bike you will ever buy.