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Started by AFvox808 - Last post by I pick bad lines
Some folks go to the indoor climbing gym over the winter and backcountry XC ski in the forest preserves on the same trails we ride. I'm planning to do both in addition to taking up yoga. I'll still ride my road bike on the trainer too.

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After logging almost 700 foot miles leading up to my first marathon on 10/12, I am more than ready to put away my compression sleeves & fuel belt for the season. The past spring/summer training period has been the most physically demanding for me to date, and I am planning for another next year! With little time left to ride before it starts getting cold, I am looking for fun moderate/high intensity activities to focus on this winter to start off the next year strong. I haven't done a long run in over a week since the race due to slight persistent pain in my foot, so my body is kind of in "WTF" mode and I've been hiking & riding sporadically to avoid going from "full blast" to "now what?"... I normally put running on the backburner and transition into cardio & weight-lifting at the gym and yoga around Nov., but I am looking for something else new so I won't be tempted to be lazy 

What are some of your favorite ways to stay in shape throughout winter?

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Started by ridingillini - Last post by sommerfliesby
I've done a lot of the aforementioned trails...really enjoyed the Mount Falcon/Lair of the Bear ride...even though we very nearly got struck by lightning, lol.

X3 and HANDS DOWN the best trail I've ridden out there has been Buffalo Creek.  I've ridden it twice, one time in a hailstorm, and it was freakin' GREAT.

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Dakota Ridge Red Rocks Trail is pretty nice. you'd probably like the red rocks side better. It's a bit more flowy. They Dakota ridge side is full of jagged rocks. It's certainly rideable but tough.

Lair O' the Bear is probably my favorite trail in close proximity to denver that I've ridden. If the mileage is too short and you are ok with doing a little on the road you can ride from the top of Lair o the bear to the top of mt Falcon and then take Mt Falcon down.

I've ridden quite a bit near keystone and breckenridge as well and those trails are less than 2 hours from denver.

I have the opposite problem as you. I haven't ridden a trail in colorado that i haven't enjoyed more than Palos. It probably depends on your meaning of "intermediate" are you talking about technical skills, or fitness and endurance? If the rocky trails wont kill you then the climbing will.

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Started by Big J - Last post by BMX Crisis
Just needs the caliper and bracket 

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Started by Ryan the VW Tech - Last post by Ryan the VW Tech
Only a couple of the pictures are from Marshal Mesa area, we trail run there more often than we ride there.  The pictures are from all over the front range. I posted up some info in your thread. They different strokes for different folks but your literally the only person I've ever heard say they prefer midwest riding to actual mountains.

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Started by ridingillini - Last post by Ryan the VW Tech
Marshal Mesa area kinda sucks IMO. I got there often to trail run, if I ride there it's usually on a CX bike.

Walker Ranch is definitely not intermediate.

I've never been to Rabbit Mountain

Heil is much MUCH different post September 2014 insane flooding. Start at the bottom of Picture Rock, ride it up, to the top loop counter clockwise but stick to the outside, when come to Wapiti ride it down to the lot then turn around ride it back up and ride the rest of the top loop still counter clockwise to back to Picture Rock and back down. Its a fantastic ride that finishes with about 7 miles of downhill. All that loose rock on the top is gone, it used to flow better clockwise but now going counter clockwise you climb while it's smooth and descend through some really chunky stuff back to the top of picture rock.

Hall is popular when it's linked with Heil/Picture rock. There is a pretty ridiculous super grawly rock garden (if you can call it that, it's LONG, like minutes of solid rock) beyond that it doesn't seem like anything special. I've only ridden there a few times, it's not a top choice IMO.

Here's a GPS route that shows Heil with the top and Picture Rock 9the top is in the opposite direction, and goes into Hall but it gives you a good idea.

Green Mountain is a relatively short nothing special ride but you can link it with Dakota Ridge which in all honestly is far above intermediate.

For staying in town Betasso is super fun with lots of flow and awesome views. The trails are pretty short, you can start from Boulder Canyon and go up the Betasso Link trail which adds some distance and a lot of difficulty. You'll see maybe 1 in 30 that can clear it going up but it's a ton of fun when you have to come back down. I like Betasso but I usually use it as an after work ride. No bikes allowed on Wenesdays and Saturdays, it's 1 way but the direction changes  regularly (I prefer clockwise but it's fun no matter which way you ride it)

Not much further than Green Mountain there's Lair O The Bear, again a pretty short ride but super fun and flowy out and back. It's nice that the back is more than the out as well.

For me I always loved Kettle and Palos was a very VERY distance 2nd. Buffalo Creek blows them both away no contest. It's an IMBA Epic, it drys every well, it's not overly technical (unless you have a death wish, than you can ride BlackJack). On the Epic route everything is ridable, the views are nuts, the scenery changes up a lot, when it's crowded it's so huge that it's not crowded and the flow is second to none. Buffalo Creek tops everything else I've ridden anywhere. Here's a recommended route (basically the Epic route), that half an hour of flowing almost no pedaling downhill at the end leaves you smiling for days.

Another IMBA Epic within driving distance (2 hours north just into Wyoming, you can camp on the trails as well) is the Kurt Gowdy State park. It's intermediate with a hand full of difficult features and a lot of fun. I don't have GPS data from it.

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Started by ridingillini - Last post by undercover
Dakoda ridge and red rocks , one of my favorite rides out there

 on: Yesterday at 04:18:44 PM 
Started by DDDonny - Last post by crazy james
I would be glad to help out with beulah but i was gonna ask u guys that r going to this workday and see if maybe it would be possible to either meet someone that i could get a ride with. I will bring food and pay for all the gas to whoever I could tag along with or whatever other needs u guys need. I stay in berwyn but i could either go to the forest preserve in palos and i could meet up there or wherever would be best. I have never been to beulah and really looking forward to riding it in the future. Im a male 25 years old suburbanite, as far as work is concerned i could do any heavy work needed. Thanks guys any help would b really really appreciated. 

 on: Yesterday at 03:22:47 PM 
Started by ridingillini - Last post by mikeo
The picture rock trail is fun but the climbing turns more technical when you get to Heil Valley Ranch.

Check out the Buffalo Creek trails if you have a full day free, I only got to ride a few miles there before storms came in when I was there this summer but the parts I rode were really fun and not too technical for climbing.

Also near boulder the Betasso loops were a lot of fun, similar to palos but with longer climbs and downhills.

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