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 on: Yesterday at 01:03:56 PM 
Started by rallymaniac - Last post by Red Snail Racing
Last year over 80% (or more) of our racers were not USAC license holders so everyone had to buy a 1 day license, which is ridiculous if you are not a pro or racing for money and need sanctioning. And the license fee did not include insurance or the cost of having USAC officials on site.  In all CAMBr spent an extra $5,000 to be part of USAC, which didn't seem like a value to us or or members.

We liked being part of the IHR Series, but as almost all of our racers are from the Chicago area, we couldn't justify spending the money USAC demands to be part of the series. There just wasn't enough non local racers that were part of USAC to make it a good use of our funds.

Down south where 75% of the racers already have a USAC license, it has more value.

Love the IHR Series, love the PAMBA guys, but we just couldn't feel the love for the USAC fee structure.  

 on: Yesterday at 10:16:46 AM 
Started by rallymaniac - Last post by rallymaniac
so the Meltdown is not on the IHRS calendar for 2015 and the PAMBA folks are saying that CAMBR guru's didn't want to go wiht USAC sanctioning for the race this yerar.

Bold move.
I like it and dislike it at the same time 


 on: Yesterday at 09:53:28 AM 
Started by coolpopof2 - Last post by machinetwelve
Cheapest Solution would be to get a bike specific tarp to put over it when you carry it in. go on amazon and do a search for "Bicycle Tarp" and you'll get something like this:

Better solution: Go on and look for rescue German Shepard, Husky, Rottweiler, or Pit Bull to protect your bike and your other household goods when you're not there.

 on: Yesterday at 09:43:03 AM 
Started by Davey - Last post by machinetwelve
I've seen people use sanded aluminum from a pop can as a shim to get just enough of a fit. but I would ditch the quick release first. It's been my experience that most of those just don't hold as well as a fixed bolt clamp.

 on: Yesterday at 08:31:28 AM 
Started by Red Snail Racing - Last post by Red Snail Racing
Thank you to the riders of Lake County for great conversation and a well attended meeting.  Mike put together a new presentation that did a wonderful job explaining CAMBr and how trails are built, from concept to construction.

Chris (Beulah Trail Boss and owner of Zion Cyclery) brought by a Borrialis Echo to show the attendees what a fat bike is all about. It had a Bluto fork, dropper post, 1X11 gearing and still came in at only 26lbs.  Pretty sweet ride.

And a special shout out to the CAMBr members who stopped by to join the meeting.

 on: Yesterday at 08:13:29 AM 
Started by coolpopof2 - Last post by Jeff Hanson
If you're just bringing the bike in and out when you use it, and keep it stored inside the apartment the rest of the time, I wouldn't worry about it.  Legitimate burglaries in an apartment complex are pretty rare, because there are too many people around and the quarters are to close.  Just don't leave it sit outside unattended(even with a lock)for a second.

 on: Yesterday at 07:25:38 AM 
Started by coolpopof2 - Last post by Paulski
Sounds like that would be a pain in the ass, but I've had a lot of Dakine stuff over the years...never a bike bag but here is one:

NOTE: I originally missed your "inexpensive" its kinda pricey.

 on: January 28, 2015, 08:54:53 PM 
Started by Davey - Last post by Ryan the VW Tech
Try friction paste, it's usually for carbon parts but I've used is on a POS Bontrager single bolt seat post head that always slipped the seat angle and it worked great.

 on: January 28, 2015, 05:20:21 PM 
Started by johnny - Last post by dh_swing
can you see the fairways or sand traps?

Someone better than I at photo sleuthing will have to chime in, though there looks to be a sand trap lining the eastern part of the green off the east side of the 4-corners connector, just north of pipeline.

 on: January 28, 2015, 04:23:37 PM 
Started by johnny - Last post by johnny
As of interest is this June 1929 copy of the Palos Journal.  Only a small reference to the course in question, but check out the $.75 twilight rounds at Cog Hill!
also this journal mentions Lake Anna Golf Course at 131st & Harlem I cant believe that where was that more research to do?

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