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Author Topic: Forum Etiquette and Expectations (Read 45741 times)
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CAMBr Forum Users,

With a community as large as CAMBr it is important that we all work together to be good citizens and add value to our mission of improving mountain biking the Chicagoland area and beyond.  As the forum is the center of our community, I would like to take a few minutes of your time and outline our Web Guidelines.  These guidelines are very similar to what you will find on many, if not most forum sites.

CAMBr moderators may take action when a posting:
•   insults or degrades another member of the community.
•   is posted as "flame-bait" and is posted to incite flames and insults.
•   contains profanity, offensive language, or racial epithets.
•   contains obscene, distasteful or pornographic images/photos/text/videos.
•   promotes illegal activity.
•   is posted repeatedly in multiple forums.
•   damages the reputation of the CAMBr and biking, and/or our mission.
Complete Information

The moderating panel is made up of the CAMBr Executive Officers and the President and Secretary of each chapter.  Each of these moderators can remove a post, at which time they also send a message to the poster, so they understand what has happened and why.  If a poster continues to post material contrary to our guidelines the moderator can freeze the account and forward the information to the Executive Board.  The Board will then decide how long the freeze will be in effect.  If the frozen poster feels the action is unreasonable, they may contact their Chapter President and ask them to review and present their case to the Executive Board for consideration.

To report a posting you feel violates the CAMBr guideline, simply click on the “report to moderator” link in the bottom right corner of the post. The notification will be sent to all moderators.  After reporting the post, move on and let the process work.  The moderators will review the post and take the appropriate action, which could be removing the post or doing nothing at all.  This is a judgment call, just like the one you made to report it.  Please do not engage the poster with your opinion on the quality of their post, as the chances of that escalating into a moral debate are very high and the chances of solving the conflict are very low.

CAMBr also does not allow the Personal Message system to be used in conflict with the mission of CAMBr.  If a user is found to be using PMs to attack CAMBr or its mission, that account can be frozen as well.

As a guideline to what is acceptable to post ask yourself, would this be allowed on MTBR or would my Mom be proud of this post.  If the answer is no, then I would advise you to reconsider the post and if possible, make the changes required to clean up the message.
CAMBr is a very vibrant and dynamic organization and with a little forethought, we make exceptional use of the forum to exchange information and ideas.

Thanks for being part of CAMBr and helping us grow,

Ride on,

Jerry Stoeckigt
Executive Director
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