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Author Topic: Saw Wee Kee Trail Conditions - TRAIL CONDITION REPORTS ONLY! (Read 71701 times)
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Latest SWK Trail Conditions

The home page's trail status is updated as info comes to us. If you've been out and know the conditions here or the home page's trail status are not current, post up with what you found. We'll take care of updating the home page.

Keep in mind that after any substantial rain the trails will need at least one warm sunny day to dry out. Give the trails time to dry before heading out, both for the sake of avoiding unnecessary damage and not creating lots of extra maintenance work for the volunteers who generously pitch in to give all of us a great ride.

Also, since the fast-growing honeysuckle and buckthorn obscures sight lines at corners, there is a greater risk of collisions. Call out your presence at blind turns or before dropping into a ravine. If you feel a maintenance job is getting overlooked, we would welcome your participation at a trail workday. More bodies makes shorter work of the to-do list.

Conditions guidelines:
Noting downed trees, ride-related damage, trail surface conditions or water/flooding - GOOD

Guessing on weather, trail surface condition, or what's out there - BAD

Discussing anything other that current conditions, including complaining about other trail users - also BAD. Start a new thread if you need to.

Keeping it short and to the point - ALWAYS GOOD!

Reports will be removed after 5 days.
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Trail condition reporting is now integrated with the trail conditions.

Click the icon to add a trail condition report.
Click the icon to update trail conditions. Requires permission.
Click the icon to view the trail guide.

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