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Plainfield Bike Park - Plainfield, IL  (Read 78170 times)
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The Plainfield Bike Park is located approximately one mile south of the Rt. 30 and I-55 interchange in Plainfield, IL.  The bike park is at Van Horn Woods Park East. Take the west I-55 frontage road south. After 1/2 mile on the right you will see a park with a lake and a dog park. Turn right into the park.
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Bike Park Info

The bike park was developed as a joint venture between the Plainfield Township Park District (PTPD) and CAMBr West.  The land was used with permission by the park district and fully funded and developed by CAMBr West. CAMBr West raised $21,000 of grant money and gathered donations of materials and heavy equipment to build the park. CAMBr West organized volunteer work days and contributed over 1200 hours of volunteer labor to create an unique bicycling facility where before there was only an empty field.

When the park was officially opened on October 4th, 2008 it was the only free public bike park in the Chicagoland area. CAMBr West and the PTPD had an opening ceremony followed by the Dirt Jam. The Dirt Jam was a fundraiser event to raise money for the park. The 2009 Dirt Jam date is Oct. 4th.

The Plainfield Bike Park is a free to the public, two acre bicycle skills park which includes dirt jumps, a pump track, and a skills section.  The park was designed with progression and safety to allow boys, girls, young children and adults to learn bicycle handling skills in the safest environment. 

The dirt jumps start with a beginner level that allows anyone to try dirt jumping for the first time and progress up to expert levels to create fun and challenge for all levels of riders. Each skill level on main dirt jump lines have four jumps in a row one right after another. The rhythm section is an advanced are and has many options, hip jumps, and jumps of different sizes.  You can even try to ride the storage container at the end if you're good enough. 

The pump track is a beginner area that can be ridden by anyone. Try to ride it without pedaling. You accelerate by "pumping" the rollers and berms. It's a great way for beginners to learn about pumping your weight and using the terrain to gain speed.

The skills area also has progressive levels of log obstacles, drops, and skinnies. The log obstacles teach riders to lift their bicycles up over the logs to maintain speed, the progressive drops teach riders to lift the front wheel and lean back to safely drop down over a ledge, and the skinnies teach riders to maintain balance while riding along the top of a narrow obstacle.

Misc Info

The Plainfield Bike Park is an extreme sports facility and is a high risk area. The park is ride at your own risk. Do not ride above your skill level. If you do not know your skill level then start at the beginner levels. By entering the park you agree that you understand the dangers of extreme biking and understand the potential for injuries including broken bones, concussions, or death.

Helmets are strongly recommended. Gloves, pads, and other safety gear are recommended.

The park is open to any bicycle (Mountain bikes, BMX bikes, even hybrids and cruisers on the beginner sections) but for riding in intermediate, advanced, or expert areas an off-road bicycles designed for dirt jumping, freestyle freeriding, or extreme riding is highly recommended. Big box and department store bikes are typically not designed for dirt jumping and can break or fail when riding in advanced and expert areas causing serious bodily harm, injury, and possibly death.

For a quality bicycle designed to withstand the abuse taken from dirt jumping, freestyle, or freeriding visit a quality bike shop near you.  Check out CAMBr's sponsors for a list of bike shops that support CAMBR and building more bike riding facilities in the Chicagoland area.   

The bike park dries very fast after a rain, but please do not ride the park when it is wet or muddy. If you notice that the ground is tacky or you leave bike treads or footprints in the mud, then you are causing damage to the park that will need to be fixed by volunteers. 

Pedestrians should stay out of the park and remain in the viewing area. Children should not be allowed to play in the park or climb on the dirt jumps.  RC cars are not allowed in the park.  Alcohol is not allowed at Van Horn Woods Park.

The park is built and maintained by volunteers and riders. Come out to a Bike Park workday, we need your help! They're fun, they're a great way to make new friends, and a great way to help make your park better. You will need to sign a Plainfield Bike Park Volunteer Waiver (fourth post down). Children under 18 will need a guardian's signature. You can check the workday calender to find the next upcoming workday.

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