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« on: April 03, 2016, 09:28:52 PM »

This spring break my 15 year old son and I rented bikes and toured Puerto Vallarta riding from a shop behind Guadalupe cathedral up into the mountains to a secluded waterfall. The four hour ride was a total blast with 2800 feet elevation gain and loss over only 13 miles round trip.  For $50 per person, it was well worth it. If you are going to PV I'd definitely recommend this half day ride.  

Our group of 4 plus tour guide  started out in old town on cobblestone roads and rode up the roads by a river flowing down from the mountains.  Leaving tourist PV behind, we experienced rural Mexico with farm life on the roads, McCaws flying through the jungle on a rutted out fire road.  We got two hard tail bikes not opting for $10 extra for full suspension bikes.  I think the local tour guide owns the shop with his American wife, Brittany.  They live behind and above the shop with dogs and a cute daughter helping out.  We set it up via email the Sunday before we left Chicago and confirmed a Thursday 830 start once in PV.

We spun up a slight incline until we went off road and climbed a steep  road about 15' wide. A few times ATV tours came by with a cloud of exhaust and dust.  We let them pass, let the air settle, grabbed some water and then kept climbing. We passed between a small cattle herd while in the jungle.  After one downhill we splashed through a creek and had to hammer up a ridge.  I was soaked by the time we peaked and started back down hill, fast with brakes on the whole time or take the risk of wipeout on some gravel.  

We stopped at El Salto waterfall and climbed down and took a break. The water was cool and refreshing.  We both swam to the rocks and waterfall then climbed the ladder and jumped in.  After about a 45 min break for water, pics and a bite, we hiked the bikes up the stairs and rode back up to the ridge. We flew down the mountain again brakes on in the soft spots.  One guy in our group bought it with road rash on his left elbow, hip and calf.  We went back the same way  through the creek, cattle and towns until we hit the cobblestone. We passed construction trucks and more local Mexican neighborhoods.  

Link to garmin, my pics and shop info below.


Brittany  & Rogelio>:
222 79 12  (Mex)
011 52 222 79 12  (USA\CAN)
Hours 8:30 am- 2 pm and 4:00 pm-6 pm (GMT 05:00)
Monday to Saturday
Our Location: In Downtown Puerto Vallarta we have a famous church named ¨Guadalupe¨, we are exactly behind the church, just 2 streets up the hill.  Address: Calle Miramar #382 between Calle Zaragoza and Iturbide.

They offer many style rides, this being a harder one and an extreme version that the owner said was for hard core mountain bike racers.  

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What a great ride.  Your son will never forget it and he got to see some of the real Mexico.

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