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I managed to skate away from the strip for a few hours at the final day of a conference. Sadly, the local bike shops close at 3 or 3:30 so rental was not possible. However, I did do some hiking and saw a pretty cool place.  Known as an EPIC ride, I can see why. WOW this place looks fun. I'll be back in August with time to spare, and we'll hit this place as well as the Red Rocks on the west side of town.

Boulder Canyon is an easy 10 miles from Hoover Dam about 30 min east of Vegas, and 10 min east of suburb Henderson.  I was in running shoes, totally unprepared for the lose gravel on the hike down.  it was only about 88 degrees, and felt fine in the late afternoon. I was the only person for miles, but cell coverage was fine because you are very close to a town known as "the town that built the Hoover Dam" which you can see the lake in my pics from the top of the rocks.
My Pics
The red ropes and platforms are a zip line place.

Single track report

My Garmin Hike:

My other Vegas Strip and Downtown pics:

* BikePark Entrance.png (49.09 KB, 800x534 - viewed 272 times.)
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