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Author Topic: Burak Signing Off - Thank You (Read 1189 times)
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It's been a good journey for me, I have enjoyed my years with CAMBr-South. I now look forward to watching CAMBr-South grow under David Bell's leadership. He is the perfect guy for the next transformation of CAMBr. Wish him the best of luck.

Few ramblings I picked up over the last 8 years.
- It's all about the volunteers.
- CAMBr is an umbrella of tools, it provides opportunity to those that want to work on what's important to them.
- You are the best person to implement your own ideas.
- We can only build trails that we have approval for.
- Land managers are the only ones that can authorize what we can build and what goes on the trails.
- Forest Preserves are a shared resource. Land managers have to balance conservation with recreation.
- Building trails is more of an art than science.
- Layout of a trail requires you to know how the area looks like in all seasons.
- Get the water off the trail, what looks wide when first built will narrow, leave the water on the trail and it will widen
- Social media helps you communicate, argue and you loose.
- Ask for help, MTB community will come thru.
- Appreciate all the help, we can't do it alone.

No goodbye s complete without acknowledging everyone( I hope) that have helped you thru the journey.  I hope this is close list, starting with my first Palos Board,  trail coordinator Ryan Steel, then treasurer Stan Slager, David Bell and Shawn Murray to todays South board of Craig Bresof, David Bell, Stan Slager, Jenn Mckenzie, Deana Doohalok, Jeremy Kawka, George Dzuricsko, Larry Lee, Jimmy Sippel and Joe Lo.  So many more great people along that bridged the gap to today . Martha Lucking, the Pritchetts, the Marlannas, Volunteers like Ed Duran, rock master Rick, Steve Bremmer, and countless more. Steve Krupa who lived and  breath these trails. Jerry whose patience we all need. Stan whose eye for trail layout is unmatched .You guys rock. and finally big shout out to  John Swinski, and all the people that started CAMBr , thanks guys.
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