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Author Topic: Southern IL Fat Tire Fest (Read 5743 times)
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« on: October 27, 2008, 12:25:48 PM »

My first off-CAMBR experience...i.e., my first trip with a CAMBr crew...
Trails were good....Saturday morning was a little rough...softer terrain with a ton of roots and trees a roughly-hew horse trail.  Not much flowiness at all.  Saturday afternoon we rode at the Glendale site where we were trails there...good climbing and descending, trails flowed nicely, some cool sandstone bluffs.  Sunday we rode Cove Hollow just southwest of Carbondale.  AWESOME trail.  Very rocky, tight singletrack...made me wish for a full-suspension bike for Christmas!  I've got the bruised and cut shin to prove that it ain't easy down there!

Items of note:  Ed was the Log Pull World Champion (and the Log Dump World Champion) PLUS he was a human lawn dart Saturday night.  Roger was (and still is) a Blue Man at night.  Ann was a trespasser fearing being shot at.  UKMikey was using his accent to try and get a ride on a Specialized.  Burak was told he was too drunk to play bike polo and they wouldn't give him a stick.  Jason was pissed about spatulas and the disorderly cooking area.  Steve threatened to release Drunk Steve, but fell asleep in his chair Saturday night.  Me...I drank a LOT of beer and had a great time, can't wait to go on another trip.


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some of those rock gardens on cove hollow are really tricky! sometimes we ride a spot 3-4 times till we actually clear a section, trying different lines and whatnot. almost trials riding at times. really fun.
you know your a good technical rider whan you can clean that entire trail no foot downs.

ive been down there 4-5 times and weve only gone to cedar lake/cove hollow, i really want to explore more of shawnee sometime.

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