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Author Topic: Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN (Read 622 times)
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Just got back from a week at Spirit Mountain in Duluth. As far as I can tell they are the leader in the midwest for flow trails. Let me know if there is a better place. They have 3 beginner trails of 1 mile to 1.7 miles long. Happy Camper, Candy Land and the All Weather Trail. They are machine built and smooth and great for learning and improving your downhill skills. Anyone can ride those. But I saw a lot of advanced riders on them too because they are fast and so much fun. All depends on how fast you take it. They have lots of advanced stuff too but I cant do that yet. The campground is on top of the mountain so it is extremely convenient. The lift runs Thurs thru sunday and then there is plenty of cross country trails to choose from around Duluth. I recommend Mission Creek and Lester River Green for beginners. Both are fast and flowy. They have a mountain bike patrol there and they do a great job at the mountain. You dont even have to be in great shape since there is no climbing and you can get a lot of riding in before you get worn out. FUN FUN FUN

We stopped at La Crosse on the way and wanted to ride their new flow trail at the Human Powered trails up on the bluffs. But it was still drying out and was closed. If anyone has ridden it please let me know how it was.

There is also Welsh Village ski resort near La Crosse in MN. But they only run the lift on the weekend so we opted for spirit mountain instead. If anyone has ridden there let me know how it is too
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