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Bluhm County Park - Westville, IN  (Read 9053 times)
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Westville, IN (About 1.5 hours east of Chicago)

Trail Review
There are two separate halves to this trail with totally distinct personalities. The front half is pretty wide open and fast, with a few switchbacks and enough twisties to keep you honest and alert. The back half is where the fun really starts. This is some of the tightest, orneriest singletrack you'll find anywhere. Switchback heaven.

You might see another rider twenty feet away from you and he could be 3 miles in front or behind you. It is also pretty technical with a lot of exposed roots and short, intense climbs to make things even more interesting. The trailbuilders took the term "maximized mileage" to the extreme, using every square inch of space.

Despite it's modest length, (maybe 5 miles) it's a real workout because there is no recovery sections (ie, coasting.) You spend the entire ride accellerating and braking, accellerating and braking, accellerat... you get the idea.

Thanks to Brad from mtbr.

From the North:
I-94 to 49 south (Chesterton exit). Take 49 to Route 6 east. Take Rt 6 all the way to Route 2. Go left on Rt 2 to the first left. Take that road to the first right and go about 1 mile to Bluhm Park, on the left.

From the South:
Take Route 30 into Valparaiso to 49 north. Take 49 to the first exit which is Route 2 east. Take Rt 2 all the way to Westville. Go left at the first small road after you pass Route 6. Take that road to the first right. Go about 1 mile to Bluhm Park on the left.

Most of what we know about riding in Indiana is listed on the Indiana Outfitters website. MTBR can also be a good source for local trail information.
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