CAMBr North

  • To establish a destination trail system in the Northwestern Suburbs,
  • To work with land managers and government agencies to identify and help maintain legal local trail systems throughout the Northwestern Suburbs,
  • To unify and represent mountain bikers in the Northwestern Suburbs.

CAMBr North Bylaws as of 2/23/2011
Mission Statement
CAMBr North's mission is:
 - To work with land managers and government agencies to identify, develop and maintain legal trail systems in the North & North Western suburbs,
 - To unify and represent mountain bikers in the Chicago area.

1. Operating Procedures

CAMBr North is required to have its own operating procedures that define how the affairs of the chapter are managed. CAMBr North is free to operate independently of CAMBr, but is strictly bound by CAMBr's bylaws. This includes the chapter's organizational structure, governance, voting procedures of board members and the general membership as well as the chapter's financial affairs.

1.10 CAMBr North Members
CAMBr North members follow the membership procedures listed in the CAMBr bylaws in sections 1.3 and 1.4. CAMBr North members may receive priority registration and discounted CAMBr merchandise.

1.20 CAMBr North Members Voting Rights
CAMBr North members have voting privileges enumerated in the CAMBr bylaws in sections 4.03 and 2.01.

1.30 Dissolution of CAMBr North In the event that the CAMBr North board determines and so votes that CAMBr North no longer needs to exist, any monies in the CAMBr North fund will be distributed to the CAMBr General Fund. In the event that CAMBr no longer exists the monies will be distributed to IMBA or another non-for-profit organization (must be of similar cause).

2. Governance

2.10 Governing Body
CAMBr North will be governed by a board elected by the membership. The President may appoint vacant positions during the year, however those appointed will be eligible for reelection in the next voting cycle.

The list of CAMBr North board members includes the following:
- President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Trail Coordinator for each trail system
- Special Projects
- Marketing Director

2.20 Responsibilities of the CAMBr North Board The purpose of the CAMBr North board is to act on issues of importance to the CAMBr North membership, specifically in Chicago's North & Northwestern suburbs. The CAMBr North Board Members shall manage the business, affairs and property of the organization. The CAMBr North Board will meet approximately every two months or more frequently if necessary. Members and non members are invited to attend board meetings.

2.30 Resignation and Removal A CAMBr North Board Member may resign by submitting a written notification to the CAMBr North President. A CAMBr North Board Member may be removed by a majority of CAMBr North Board Members entitled to vote.

3. CAMBr North Board Voting

3.10 CAMBr North Board Voting Procedures On issues of significance to the chapter, votes can be cast by the CAMBr North board members listed in section 2.10 above. The vote will be decided by a majority vote of board members present at the board meeting or special meeting convened for such a purpose. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the decision of the President.

4. CAMBr North Board Member Responsibilities

CAMBr North board members are entitled to form teams to help execute their responsibilities. Team members can represent CAMBr North with the written permission of the CAMBr North President and CAMBr with written permission of the CAMBr Executive Director. This permission can be retracted at any stage by the respective Boards through a written statement informing the individual and the impacted stakeholders of the decision.

4.10 President - Determine and execute the vision of CAMBr North, - National, State wide and local authority representative, - Participate in county, forest preserve district and park district meetings, budget hearings and meet with land managers and stakeholders as needed, - Approve minutes as received from Secretary, - Approve the CAMBr North budget and review expenditures and forecasts, - Vote on organizational wide issues, - Vote on CAMBr North issues.

4.20 Treasurer - Keep detailed records of all expenses and income for CAMBr North, - Provide a detailed list of expenses and income to the CAMBr Treasurer monthly, - Provide a cash flow forecast of itemized expenses and income on a 12 month rolling basis to the CAMBr North Board, - Develop cost models for new proposal and activities. - Develop the next year’s budget by the end of the current year and present to the CAMBr Board. - Keep a master list of all North Chapter hard goods.
- Vote on CAMBr North issues.

4.30 Secretary - Maintain and publish the CAMBr North schedule of events, - Events coordinator for CAMBr North, - Responsible to secure facilities for board meetings and events, - Keeps the board meeting minutes and posts on the forum, - Obtain permits as needed for the chapter,
- Vote on CAMBr North issues.

4.40 Trail Coordinator for each trail system - Provide schedule of workdays and special events to the CAMBr North President by the end of February each year,
- Determine the vision of the riding destination that they are responsible for,
- Participate in County / Town / Park District / Etc Trail Committee Meetings,
- Obtain needed permits,
- Organize and conduct riding destination meetings as needed,
- Run each work day (this responsibility can be delegated on a per workday basis),
- Responsible for equipment and safety.
- File workday reports to the land manager within 3 days of a workday.
- Ensure the Trail Conditions on the CAMBr message board are kept up to date (this can be delegated, but the responsibility is the Trail Coordinators),
- Provide & publish schedule of workdays and special events,
- Vote on CAMBr North Issues.

4.50 Special Projects
- Undertakes special projects on behalf of the North Chapter,
- Identifies new sources of funds for CAMBr
- Vote on CAMBr North Issues.

4.60 Marketing Director
- Responsible for the production and marketing of CAMBr North & events,
- Responsible for membership growth,
- Help represent CAMBr to the bicycle dealers,
- Vote on CAMBr North Issues.

5. Amendments and Additions

Future additions or amendments of CAMBr North's Operating Procedures may be proposed to any CAMBr North officer, written or voice, by any member in good standing of CAMBr North. At which time the proposal will be submitted at a CAMBr North board meeting or online for consideration by CAMBr North board members. The addition or amendment will then be available for review on the CAMBr website for a period of no less than 5 days. The CAMBr North members will then vote on the addition or amendment on the CAMBr website, polls being open for 1 week.

5.10 In the event of a tie, the votes CAMBr North's board members cast will be counted to break the tie. In the event of CAMBr North's board members coming to a tie, CAMBr North's President's vote will be counted as a decision breaker for the vote at hand.

6. Approval Approved by web site poll on 8/18/2012.

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