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the garden - Chicago IL  (Read 37329 times)
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3400 N. Rockwell
Chicago, IL 60618

The Garden is located in Chicago's Clark Park . Parking is free in the Clark Park lot and on the surrounding streets. Don't park in the private lots across the street for DeVry or Lane Tech Highschool or you may find your car missing after your session.

Trail Description

Best Dirt Jumps in Chicago
The Garden is a set of dirt jumps located right in the City of Chicago. There are 3 jump lines and a pump track with multiple routes. The Garden is free, open to the public, and has terrain for all ages and skill levels.

Expert Line
The Expert Line is the newest and biggest line at The Garden. From the start box, hit the 2 set-up jumps and then hip left off the first double. Hit the double / step-up, another double to 180 berm left, and 2 more doubles. Still a work in progress—this line is gonna be huge! Come out and dig!

Main Line
The Main Line sees the most traffic because it's been around the longest and has the most jumps. After the first double, head right for 2 more doubles, hip to 180 berm right, step-up and 2 more doubles. This line is the best for spectators and photo ops because it's super boosty and is located in the middle of the other lines.

Medium Line
The Medium Line is a smaller alternative to the Main line with tables for the first two hits instead of doubles. Head right off the start box, pump the roller before 2 tables, berm right, double-roller, step-up to 180 berm, step-up and 2 more doubles.

Pump Track
The Pump Track is made up of 6 tabletop jumps, a step-up, a pump section, and berms to connect it all together. It's perfect for riders of all ages and skill levels.

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