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Author Topic: Introducing CAMBr-South Workday rewards (Read 2771 times)
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Introducing CAMBr South-Workday Rewards!
Help build and maintain your trails AND get a chance to win some sweet prizes at the same time.
Now for each workday you attend including the Thursday night workdays, you will be awarded 1 point that will go toward a drawing to win some great prizes.
Special projects like cooking will earn you 2 points.The more you work, the more you can win!

-2 points  for a preferred Palos Meltdown race start
-5 points for a free Palos Meltdown race entry or a free trail worker shirt
-8 points for a  raffle to win a ? ( this prize will be revealed at later date)
-12 points for an entry to win a new ? ( this prize will be revealed even at later date)

Every workday we will be entering  all participants that day  into a raffle to win a sweet Thomson gift certificate for a stem or seat- post, so that’s another chance to win!
All volunteers are eligible to participate, so get out there and help improve your trails and get a shot at some cool prizes.
8 and 12 point award drawing will be held at the Meltdown race on Aug 22nd.
Please see the for a list of this year’s workdays.
We will be staring the Thursday night workdays in May.
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