Bell Built Grant 2014

Andres Bike Park is a Central Region finalist

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April 21st - May 4th

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CAMBr’s goal for this park is to create a comprehensive riding experience for entry level and advanced riders. The first mile of singletrack/perimeter trail has already been completed, four slopestyle lines were built, and more than half of the skills area obstacles have been constructed. In addition to construction of the various trails and features at Andres Park, CAMBr has focused on cleaning up the park after many years of disrepair. This has included the removal of vast amounts of trash and waste.


The Bell Built grant would be a HUGE boost to getting this park into world class shape. Do your part to help the community and Chicago mountain biking by voting at THANKS!!


What will we do with the money?

To take this park to the next level, we will install a progressive and maintainable pump track. This will allow riders of any age or skillset to build their biking skills before hitting the bigger stuff. We'll also use the funds to repair and enhance the features that currently exist and maybe build a few more jumps and skills lines.


Twelve trailbuilding projects across the 50 states have been selected as the finalists to receive a portion of the $100,000 Bell Built grant. The projects have been distributed across 3 distinct regions in the US: West, Central, and East. Beginning April 7, voting for each region will be live for a 2-week window, with winners announced the day after the voting period ends. On May 19, all three winners will be officially announced!