Website Guidelines & Privacy Policy

The only guideline for posting on the CAMBr message boards is to use common sense. If you need further explanation, please continue reading.


CAMBr's mission is to promote responsible trail use, to prevent trail closings, and to maintain unpaved trails for cycling in the Chicago area. CAMBr also seeks to promote trail cycling opportunities through stewardship, environmental and social responsibility, education, and a spirit of cooperation among all trail users, the conservation community, and governing bodies.

CAMBr operates this website to enhance communications, schedule events, manage membership, share knowledge and provide entertainment. Most importantly, CAMBr operates this site to support our mission and enhance our community. In keeping with these principles CAMBr has a group of moderators that may take action as they see fit to protect our community. These moderators may, in their best judgment, move, edit, or delete posts that they feel are inappropriate, but are not required to do so. Their decisions may appear inconsistent and arbitrary, but they do it with love and sometimes love hurts.

CAMBr has developed these guidelines to help users be productive members of the community. Please note that these guidelines do not address all foreseeable situations, and may not be enforced in all cases. Use your best judgment, and always wash your hands after using our site.

CAMBr moderators may take action when a posting:

  • insults or degrades another member of the community.
  • is posted as "flame-bait" and is posted to incite flames and insults.
  • contains profanity, offensive language, or racial epithets.
  • contains obscene or pornographic images/photos/text/videos.
  • promotes illegal activity.
  • is posted repeatedly in multiple forums.

Please keep these things in mind at all times:

  • Your mileage may vary.
  • When dirt gets wet, it turns to mud.
  • Wait an hour after eating before going swimming.
  • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

We sincerely hope you find these guidelines helpful. Ride hard and have fun!


CAMBr collects personal profile information for membership, marketing and other purposes. CAMBr uses reasonable safeguards to protect this information to maintain individual privacy. CAMBr will not sell your information to any other party and will not disclose private information to any other party outside of normal operations unless required to do so by law.

Registered users are able to fill out a detailed profile. It is your responsibility to maintain this profile. Users can control whether or not their email address is available to other users. Certain private information such as address and phone number is accessible by CAMBr board members. Other non-private information, such as your name and membership status may be disclosed to the public. CAMBr also provides information about participation in CAMBr activities such as trail maintenance to third parties, including governmental organizations.

Your profile information is protected by a password. We recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account. Your IP address is recorded, and a cookie is used to provide a personalized experience.