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Thank you for deciding to join CAMBr-IMBA.  Now you have only a few more to make, before you can begin to take advantage of the opportunities that the mountain biking community has to offer.

The Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) is an Affiliate Chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).  That means when you join CAMBr, you also become a member of IMBA.  Your membership will not only help build and maintain local trails, it will help ensure our voice is heard in state and national government as well.

How does CAMBr use your membership dues?

  • Insurance for our trail workers and the trail building tools
  • Tools and supplies for trail building
  • Advocacy materials to distribute to land managers
  • Bringing IMBA Trail Crews into town to train our builders
  • Professional trail building consulting, if required on a bike park project
  • Regional meetings to educate land managers on the benefits of MTB Trails
  • Marketing materials and show exhibits to raise the awareness of mountain biking in Chicagoland
  • Feeding our trail crews on workdays
  • Legal advice and representation in local land use agreements
  • All CAMBr staff is volunteer 

CAMBr – IMBA Membership Benefits

  • Access to Member Only sections of the CAMBr forum
  • Discount on some CAMBr event registrations-The Meltdown for example
  • Discounts on CAMBr Special Gear Deals
  • Discounts from some local bike shops
  • IMBA Magazine
  • IMBA advocacy updates and alerts.  Taking action on these will make a difference.
  • IMBA Regional Updates 
  • IMBA members receive instructions to access the IMBA Member Team on, with discounts on bike and outdoor sports brands.

CAMBr-IMBA is all about creating a better ride for you and your family.