CAMBr Announces New Website and Membership Management System

In conjunction with CAMBr’s decision to leave the IMBA Chapter Program we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and membership management system.
While the previous website has served us well for over a decade, it was time to refresh the look of the website and make some changes to better reflect how people are using the internet today, as well as provide the systems needed to support the membership.
CAMBr selected Memberleap, a cloud-based Association Management System that provides a modern, configurable web front-end, while also providing a back-end membership database and all the functionality needed to manage the extensive CAMBr membership.
The new website also reflects most on-line dialog and communication between CAMBr members now takes place on social media. The new will be where people can go to learn about CAMBr, workdays, events, and announcements, however the previous forum capability will not be replicated. Posts will now be forwarded to various CAMBr social media pages where all on-line dialog can take place.
The trail condition indicators for our various trail systems will still be displayed on the new and will remain the mobile-friendly site for conditions and updates.
The new site will have log-in capability only for actual paid-up CAMBr members. Members will be able to manage their membership information, find other members, and access various other resources.
Current CAMBr members will shortly be receiving an email with a new CAMBr user ID and temporary password, with instructions on how to log into members-only section and update their information.
Welcome to the new! Please send any questions or comments to

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