CAMBr is overseen by dedicated volunteers, both elected and appointed, who offer their expertise to steer the organization. If you're interested in becoming part of our team, please reach out to us. We welcome your involvement!


Executive DirectorMike Angus[email protected]
TreasurerTom Varvaro   [email protected]
SecretaryCraig Bresof[email protected]
Marketing & Grant Director       Brian Louis[email protected]
IT DirectorMike Godfrey[email protected]

North Region

Regional Director    Michael Lenz[email protected]
Secretary    Marc Elliott[email protected]
TreasurerTim Johanek[email protected]
Andres Bike Park DirectorEd Tanhueco[email protected]
Raceway Woods DirectorRobert Shelton[email protected]
Beulah Park DirectorLance David[email protected]
Paul Douglas Woods DirectorMike Godfrey[email protected]
Hickory Hills DirectorAlex Voigts[email protected]

South Region

Regional DirectorNeil Barnish    [email protected] 
TreasurerPhil Onyschuk [email protected]
SecretaryCraig Bresof[email protected]
Palos Trail Director        Adam Zart    [email protected]
The Garden Trail DirectorJon Schwass[email protected]
Saw Wee Kee Trail DirectorGreg Bollinger[email protected]
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