CAMBr is led by elected and appointed individuals who volunteer to provide guidance and direct the organization. Please contact us if you'd like to join our team.



Executive DirectorMike Angus[email protected]
TreasurerTom Varvaro   [email protected]
SecretaryCraig Bresof[email protected]
Marketing & Grant Director       Brian Louis[email protected]
IT DirectorMike Godfrey[email protected]

North Region

Regional Director    Michael Lenz[email protected]
Secretary    Marc Elliott[email protected]
TreasurerTim Johanek[email protected]
Andres Bike Park DirectorEd Tanhueco[email protected]
Raceway Woods DirectorRobert Shelton[email protected]
Beulah Park DirectorLance David[email protected]
Paul Douglas Woods DirectorMike Godfrey[email protected]
Hickory Hills DirectorAlex Voigts[email protected]

South Region

Regional DirectorNeil Barnish    [email protected] 
TreasurerPhil Onyschuk [email protected]
SecretaryCraig Bresof[email protected]
Palos Trail Director        Adam Zart    [email protected]
The Garden Trail DirectorJon Schwass[email protected]
Saw Wee Kee Trail DirectorGreg Bollinger[email protected]
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