Why Come to a workday?

Workdays form the core of CAMBr's essence. This is when we come together to construct and maintain the thrilling single-track trails we all enjoy riding. Trail work blends artistry with scientific precision, and no prior experience is required, as our friendly team is eager to guide you through the process. Typically scheduled on weekend mornings times vary by trail system, with occasional evening sessions in the summer, these workdays offer a wonderful chance to connect with fellow CAMBr volunteers.

Plus, we'll provide a hearty meal afterward to refuel your spirits!

What Do I need to know?

When joining us for a trail workday, it's essential to be ready for the elements and some good hiking. Many volunteers opt for a change of clothes, particularly in the heat of summer. For cooler days, dressing in layers helps regulate body temperature effectively. Typically, after completing the trail work, we enjoy lunch or a group ride (sometimes before too), so don't forget your biking gear. CAMBr can provide necessary tools, but remember to handle them safely and stick to tools you're comfortable with, especially in hot weather. Poison ivy can be a concern, but basic precautions usually suffice for protection.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Insect repellent
  • Sturdy leather work gloves
  • Hard-soled boots
  • Long shirts and pants for bug protection
  • A hat for shielding against branch tips and thorns
  • PPE, Protective eyewear
  • Hydration pack (water bottles are prone to being misplaced)
  • A hooded raincoat if the forecast calls for it

And remember, every volunteer must sign an annual waiver. You can print a copy from the link below and bring it with you if you'd like.

CAMBr Waiver

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Jun 23 2024
8:30 AM
Jun 30 2024
8:30 AM
Jul 7 2024
8:30 AM
Jul 13 2024
8:30 AM

Paul Douglas

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