CAMBr/IMBA Transition FAQ's

Why is CAMBr leaving IMBA?
We’ve determined the direct support that IMBA was providing can be done by CAMBr more cost-effectively. This will allow all membership dues to stay within CAMBr and provide more funds for our local and regional trail work. 
Does this change my CAMBr membership?
No. Current IMBA/CAMBr members will remain CAMBr members through the duration of your current term.
What happens when my current CAMBr/IMBA membership expires?
You will receive a reminder notice from CAMBr prior to your renewal date and can renew directly with CAMBr.  

What about membership in IMBA?
Anyone wishing to retain membership in IMBA, will need to join IMBA separately.

What happens to my family membership?
Going forward CAMBr will only support individual membership. If you currently have a family membership, at the end of your current term all family members will receive renewal notices. You may then choose to which family members to renew (hopefully everyone!)

I'm currently on the monthly membership plan. What happens to my membership?
Unfortunately, we cannot currently support monthly billing. In the near future you'll be receiving an email with instructions on how to convert to annual payment. We hope to restore the monthly billing option in the future.

I'm currently on auto-renewal. Will CAMBr provide that option?
Unfortunately no. You will receive a renewal notice at the end of your current membership term. We hope to offer auto-renewal in the future.

I’m a CAMBr member and I didn’t get a login email to the new website.
Please contact us at
I’m not a CAMBr member how. How do I join?
Please click on the “Join” or “Become a Member” buttons at and follow the instructions.

I was a CAMBr member, but my membership lapsed and I'd like to rejoin
Please contact us at and we'll take care of you.


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