CAMBr and Covid19

Unfortunately, as in all aspects of our lives, the Covid19 crisis is going to affect mountain biking and CAMBr’s plans for the summer. Since there’s plenty of info out there on what everyone needs to do to stay healthy, I won’t go into that here. However, the bottom line for CAMBr is that our land managers are not permitting any events or workdays. Cook County’s (Palos) suspension is through May 11th and Kane County (Raceway) is through April 3rd. Of course both are subject to extension.
However, while both systems have some facility closures, the trails are open. The Illinois state ban currently exempts biking from the state-at-home order, and you can continue to ride as long as you practice social distancing. All CAMBr group rides are canceled until things change, and we recommend other groups cancel their regular rides as well. We will continue to update trail conditions, so please check or before you head out.
Regular exercise is good for the immune system, and good for your brain as well. However, crashing and going to the ER or Emergent Care is not a good thing right now, so be cautious. When I’ve done extended backcountry trips the guidance was keep to within 80% of your limits (or maybe less). I think that’s pretty good advice right now as well.
August is a long way off, so we’re still planning on having the Palos Meltdown Festival and Race. That said, since we don’t want to be in a position of dealing with a lot of refunds, we aren’t going to open registration until we’re sure the race can take place. Please keep an eye on and the Meltdown and CAMBr pages on Facebook for updates.
Below are links with further information from our land managers:
Ride and be safe,
Dave Bell
Executive Director

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