Cambr Winter 2021 Newsletter

Winter 2021 CAMBr Update


Welcome to 2021! As the new, recently elected Executive Director for CAMBr, I would like to thank you for placing your trust in me to lead our organization forward. A big thanks goes out to Jerry Stoeckigt and Dave Bell whose dedication and leadership grew CAMBr into the organization that it is today.


I have been an active leader with CAMBr for many years. I joined the CAMBr Board in 2007 as the organization's Treasurer. While treasurer I set up the CAMBr financial system and established CAMBr as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In 2010 I became the CAMBr North Region Director. Over the last 11 years we have built a strong North Region mountain biking community and developed trail systems at Raceway Woods, Andres Bike Park, and Beulah Park. I have learned a great deal over the years and am excited for what the future holds with CAMBr. I look forward to serving you, growing the mountain biking community, increasing riding opportunities, and being a positive advocate for the sport of mountain biking in our region.

The COVID-19 Pandemic put a halt to many of our regular activities in 2020 and will probably still have a fairly large impact on 2021. Like many of you, we can’t wait to get back to racing, group rides, and all the incredible events our local mountain bike community has to offer. However, we are not going to let it stop us from continued improvements to our organization and trail systems in 2021.

CAMBr Leadership

It takes a strong team to run an organization like CAMBr. I would like to welcome our new leaders and express my continued gratitude for those already serving. Our team of elected individuals volunteer their time and expertise to CAMBr. Together, we will continue our efforts to maintain, improve, and build new mountain biking infrastructure.

CAMBr’s Leadership Team

CAMBr Core

CAMBr North Region

CAMBr South Region

Over the next few months, CAMBr leadership will meet and discuss ideas to help formulate a plan with specific objectives to move our organization into the future. We will be seeking input along the way to ensure that we are taking feedback from our membership community. 

Ride on. 

Mike Angus

CAMBr Executive Director

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