Paul Douglas Woods

Construction of the trail system has already begun, and we are working hard to complete the first segment by winter. After completion, the system is projected to be slightly over 15 miles in length and flows over rolling hills. Riding on the designated trail only will be strictly enforced as the vast majority of this site is a managed area from a conservation perspective.
There are currently no legal trails at the venue other than a paved 7.2-mile loop that circles the preserve. The new trail will have minimal intersections to maintain the integrity of the directional trail system. The segment currently being constructed is over 6 miles long and we are still in need of volunteers to help bring it to completion. The trail will not open until an entire segment is finished and approved by the Forest Preserves.
CAMBr and the Forest Preserve would like to thank all of the volunteers who have donated their time to help build this new trail system. Your time and support are truly appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering, please follow the Facebook page (Paul Douglas Riders).

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