2021 CAMBr Fall Newsletter

CAMBr Newsletter 11/17/2021
We had a fantastic year of mountain biking weather wise, and we look forward to the ground freezing and for the snow to begin falling to start the winter riding season!
The CAMBr board has been active this year. We nominated new CAMBr board members and partnered with new land managers. I feel we are establishing solid relationships and gained trust with our land managers, and this will yield great benefits in the years ahead. Along with the addition of a new trail system, we have been focusing on maintaining and improving what we have, to establish a solid base from which to move forward.

This is the second year without the Meltdown race. We were unable to secure permits to reserve the parking this year as CCFPD planned to repave the groves. The dates of the 2022 Meltdown have been secured (August 6th and 7th), so mark your calendars. Next year we are also hoping to have a race at Raceway Woods and potentially Paul Douglas Woods.

Strategic Focus – New trail systems
One of our strategic focuses is establishing new trails systems in strategic locations that establish trails that are spread evenly throughout the Chicagoland area. We have prioritized our approach and are working with multiple land managers to negotiate access to new areas. These negotiations sometimes take years to complete. I am pleased to announce the first of what I hope is the start of many new systems. CAMBr has reached an agreement with CCFPD to establish a 17-mile one way trail system at Paul Douglas Woods in Hoffman Estates. There are a lot of riders in that area that are split evenly between Palos Woods and Raceway Woods. This system will help close the gap. Please feel free to request access to the new Facebook page “Paul Douglas Riders”.

The first 8-mile segment will be opened in the next few weeks. On Tuesday we will be completing a walk through with the Hoffman Estates emergency crews and Cook County Forest Preserves to inspect the trail. Once approved, the trail will be opened to the public. We are expecting to be given permission to groom this trail system over the winter months.

Paul Douglas Fund Raiser
To date, Paul Douglas has been built with tools borrowed from Raceway Woods and Palos which is not sustainable. The trail crew has done a lot of running around picking up tools each week. We have recently bought a container and put together a list of tools that we would like to own to maintain Paul Douglas as well as to build the remaining approved 9 miles. We would also like to purchase a power snow groomer, power wheelbarrow, and other power tools needed to maintain such a large system. To that effect, we are launching a fund raiser to secure as much funding as we can to purchase the tools needed. Please see the following link if you wish to donate. https://cambr.rallyup.com/pauldouglas/Campaign/Details

CAMBr Sponsorships
The CAMBr board is pleased to announce a formal program for sponsorship. For profit organizations, approved by the CAMBr Board will be able to place one post per week on our forums should they:
    1. Offer CAMBr members a 10% discount on proof of membership. Membership cards can be printed from     www.cambr.org
    2. Contribute $1,000 or more to CAMBr.

Please email [email protected] for additional information.

CAMBr Elections
We are about to hold our annual elections. Look for an email to be coming out the week of November 22nd seeking nominations with the elections taking place the week of December 13th. The following positions are up for reelection:
CAMBr Executive Director
CAMBr Marketing Director
South Regional Director
South Region Trail Director
Trail Director Raceway Woods
Trail Director Paul Douglas Woods
Trail Director Beulah Park
Trail Director Andres Bike Park
Regional Treasurer – South
Regional Treasurer – North

In summary, CAMBr is well positioned to build on a solid foundation. Over the winter months we will be having a close look at our technical infrastructure as well as additional opportunities for our sponsors and members.
Ride on!

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