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Trail Indicator Legend

Good to go. Generally dry, but if you come across any mud holes ride through the middle and don't widen the trail.

OK to ride, but slippery. Exercise caution, and ride through the middle of any mud holes.

Sorry, but too wet or soft to ride. You'll mess up the trails if you do. Go hit multi-track or bike paths.

Freeze / Thaw. Only ride when trails are frozen solid. If it gets above freezing and the trails begin to soften, time to go elsewhere.?

Trail Conditions Mobile App

Okay, it's not really a mobile application, but a highly optimized mobile microsite, designed to just do trail conditions and to do it well.

Access trail conditions on the go at for quick access to the latest information available. If you can log into, you can log in here as well. Even if you haven't been authorized to change the official indicator, you can still provide valuable "eyes on the ground" reporting to help CAMBr officials make educated decisions on official status. It's also a good way to warn your fellow rider of down trees, etc.

For even quicker access, save a link on your home screen. Check the instructions for Apple iOS or Android if you need help with that.

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